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stage one
the h-gang

the h-gang has been the room house band now for 14 years its an ever changing line-up and has featured some of the finest musicans in the area over the years.

the current lineup has kind of been in place know for a couple of years and see's the following musicans taking to the stage,

from steemy dan bob cushing on bass and david (jimmy) james on keys

danny porter and jason westgate from burn the headlines & dp3,

jj darby form the bloodshake chorus

stage two
dannyr & paul gillings

dannyr and paul gillings have only been playing together as duo for around a year, put have been playing individually for many years, paul easpecially so in fact since as a young lad paul has been playing the harp at an incredible level, appearing at glastonbury in his early teens.

together they play as a truly effective bluesy duo with a hint of folk, both write incredibly fine songs which they play with extreme professionalism.

they have just been signed and are playing up and down the country, as well as recording live streams to worldwide music stations and media sources.


stage three
the renadeans

more info comin g soon

stage four

more info coming soon

stage five
das fenster & the alibis

more info coming soon

visitors to the-room
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